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University of
Central Missouri

University of
Central Missouri

2021-2022 Commercial Membership Update

2021-2022 Organizational Membership Update

2021-2022 Civic/Retired Membership Update

2021-2022 Student Membership Update

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The Requirements for Participation in the Program Are as Follows:

• Demonstrates interest in community involvement and the development of professional skills.
• Desire to learn about and give back to the Warrensburg Community.
• A recommendation from a UCM faculty or staff member or a local business person.
• Attendance at a Student Membership Orientation.
• Volunteer for at least one Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce event.

Committee Fee

Committee Fee

2021-2022 UCM Faculty/Staff Membership Update

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Please Check Which Committees You Are Interested Serving On
Note: To be an Ambassador, you must have served on the Warrensburg Chamber Board of Directors; $25 annual fee)
Thank you for your partnership with the Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce!

Committee Fee

Committee Fee