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Commercial & For Profit Business

*2 part-time employees = 1 full-time


The Chamber of Commerce also enjoys supporting local civic clubs, churches, and organizations. If your organization has 501(c) non-profit status, this is the category for you.


Individual civic membership is offered for those who enjoy being part of the exciting events and activities that the Chamber hosts throughout the year.

University of
Central Missouri

The UCM Student Membership program is a partnership between the Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce and the Mentoring, Advocacy, and Peer Support office at the University of Central Missouri.

Positions are subject to availability and a selection process.

University of
Central Missouri

UCM’s institutional membership covers membership for faculty and staff.

2022-2023 Commercial Membership Renewal

2022-2023 Commercial Membership Renewal

Prorated/Other Payments

2022-2023 Organizational Membership Renewal

2022-2023 Civic Membership Renewal

2022-2023 Student Membership Registration Renewal

2022-2023 UCM Faculty/Staff Membership Renewal