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The Greater Warrensburg Area Chamber of Commerce is seeking nominations for its 2023 Glazebrook Community Partner of the Year Award. Nominate yourself, an individual or an organization. The award is designed to recognize the dedication, leadership, community service and achievements by an individual or group.

The nominee does not have to be a Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce, MO member. The Chamber will honor the winner at the Chamber’s Annual Awards and Social on July 20th, 2023. Award winners will be given two tickets to attend the event. The winner be expected to march as the Grand Marshall in the Annual Holiday parade.

A nominating committee composed of Chamber ambassadors will review the submitted applications. Past winners are not eligible to submit an application for two years in the category for which they won. For example, 2020 Award winners are not eligible to apply for the category in which the company won until 2023; to the like, 2021 Award winners not eligible until 2024.

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