Young Professionals

Young Professionals Committee

The Warrensburg Young Professionals purpose is to provide career-minded young professionals with opportunities to develop socially, professionally and civically. Our program is designed to energize, engage and empower young professionals in the Warrensburg community by providing opportunities for WYP members to actively shape the future of our community. We’ll provide opportunities to get connected through three major WYP components – Networking, Community Engagement, and Professional Development.

For more info on Young Professionals’ events, please visit the Chamber’s calendar here.


Ready to Get Involved?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs WYP?

WYP was created by the Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce and acts as any other committee under the Chamber. The Chamber is at the forefront of networking, community engagement, and professional development in the Warrensburg area.

When does the WYP meet?

We meet twice a monthly, typically the second and fourth week of the month. Follow us on Facebook and to stay up-to-date on upcoming WYP events & happenings! Check out our upcoming events on Facebook.

What are the requirements to join WYP?

A desire to get involved in your community! There are no specific professional requirements for membership. Membership only requires an annual fee of $30/year or $20/year as a Chamber member. These dues funnel back into Young Professionals and allow us to do fun things or give back!

Who can join WYP?

Anyone! Whether you’re a member or a non-member, we feel that this organization is for everyone! Our only requirement is that you must live or work in Johnson County, Missouri, and share an interest in meeting other young professionals, and are willing to positively contribute to the community and learn from professional leaders. WYP is dedicated to encouraging personal and professional growth by enabling members to become positive contributors to the Warrensburg community. Therefore, we ask that all members strive to uphold the Young Professionals mission and goals through active participation and commitment to the program.

Why should I join WYP?

  • The chance to get involved in your community to advance the initiatives and efforts important to young professionals and to encourage an atmosphere conducive to attracting additional young professionals to the Warrensburg community.
  • The opportunity to network and meet many other young professionals from Warrensburg and surrounding areas.
  • Access to business and community leaders via WYP events and our association with the Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce.
  • Unique activities showcasing the Warrensburg community with a focus on civic, charitable, professional development and social efforts.
  • A relaxed, friendly social environment.