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Agriculture is a leading industry in Warrensburg and the Johnson County area. Just under seventy-five percent of the land mass in Johnson County, which totals 530,733 acres, is involved in agricultural production. According to the 2012 Census of Agriculture, Johnson County total agricultural sales were over $119 million which ranks in the top 20 percent of all Missouri counties.

The 2012 census breakout of agricultural sales shows that livestock and their products, valued at $74 million, is over one and a half times the value from crops including nursery and greenhouse, which are valued at $46 million. The county ranks first in forage production acres, ninth in cattle inventory, and sixth in sheep and goat sales. Top crop producing enterprises in Johnson County based on acres include forages (79,802 acres), soybeans and beans (75,764 acres), corn (38,669 acres), and wheat (9,638 acres).

2012 census data showed that there are 1,657 farms in Johnson County that total 390,897 acres, making 236 acres the average farm size in the county. Forty percent of these farms consider farming their primary occupation while 60 percent have some type of off-farm income. Furthermore, the percent of farms selling less than $10,000 worth of gross sales in 2012 was approximately 53 percent. This data may reveal that many people in Johnson County are buying small farms to get away from the busy pace of city life.

The Census of Agriculture data is compiled every 5 years. The 2012 was used to document agriculture in Johnson County since it was the most current.