The Greater Warrensburg Area Chamber of Commerce create opportunities that drive commerce and promote business.

Executive Director's Reports

Minutes from Board of Director and Committee meetings are available for review; please call the Chamber at 660-747-3168.


Organizational Tree

Organization Tree

Strategic Plan

Mission: To create opportunities that drive commerce and promote business.

Finance & Administration
Goal:  Increased financial solvency.

  • Objective A: Increase non-dues revenue.
  • Objective B: Promote event sponsorship packages that net 35% of the overall revenue generated from event.
  • Objective C: Create events that are geared towards attracting community support and not just member driven.
  • Objective D: Maintain 6 months financial reserve.
  • Objective E: Review and evaluate organization’s bylaws.

Goal: Create a clear brand and through marketing contiually presents the chamber to the community as a vital organization that drives commerce and promotes business.

  • Objective A: Increase the visibility and improve the perception of the Chamber.
  • Objective B: Create a marketing committee whose focus is to share the Chamber’s mission and commitment to its members.

Government & Military Affairs
Goal:  Maintain a vital involvement in government and military affairs.

  • Objective A: Continue programs that are in place to strengthen the relationships we have we our local government officials and WAFB.

Business Development
Goal:  Increase awareness of challenges our membership are facing and take a more proactive approach to ensuring more businesses stay in business and continue to grow.

  • Objective A: Create opportunities for businesses to access professionals who can help them create a strategic plan to increase their viability and ensure their survival before it is too late.
  • Objective B: Provide mentorship opportunities to assist in business growth and development.

Goal: Increase membership growth, retention, and participation.

  • Objective A: Increase member retention.
  • Objective B: Provide opportunities for members to showcase their businesses and network.
  • Objective C: Increase member participation to 50% of business member involvement in a task force or committee.
  • Objective D: Increase membership growth for business members by 15%.

Our Bylaws are curently being updated.